Graphics Tablets for Natural Input

graphics-tabletThe graphics tablet, the pen and paper of the 21st century, is a must-have piece of equipment for any computer artist or graphic designer. These tablets, available in a variety of sizes, come with either a corded or wireless pressure-sensitive stylus. This stylus, due to its pressure-sensitivity, can accurately simulate a pen, pencil, crayon, brush, or any other traditional drawing implement. Some graphics tablet pens are even able to sense tilt for finer and more accurate drawing control. Graphics tablets are also sometimes called digitizing tablets, graphics pads, and drawing tablets.

You can find a graphics tablet on the desk of just about any modern computer-based artist or designer, web professional, CAD engineer, 3D modeller, or anyone who needs more precise input than a mouse can offer. But graphics tablets aren’t just for pros–they are just as valued by amateur artists and home photo editors, and many lower-priced models are aimed at the home user. Many people who suffer repetitive stress injuries from mice also benefit from using graphics tablets as computer input devices. Drawing tablets are ideal for operating such software as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk AutoCAD, and Corel Painter.

There are several options in choosing a graphics tablet. The first is brand: Wacom has traditionally been the dominant maker of tablets with their Bamboo, Intuos, and Graphire models. They now also offer a line called Cintiq that feature LCD displays embedded within the tablet–allowing you to interact directly with your display. But Wacom faces competition from many other manufacturers of drawing tablets, some of which now rival them in quality. Other tablet brands include UC-Logic, Aiptek, CalComp, Dynalink, Genius, Trust, Adesso, LaPazz, and VisTablet. The best graphics tablet is of course a matter of personal preference.

Another option is size–any size of tablet will let you cover your computer’s entire display, but a larger tablet will give you more a more comfortable drawing space, as well as letting you draw more precisely for a more natural pen-and-paper feel. Graphics tablets come in such sizes as 3 x 4″, 6 x 8″, 9 x 12″ and others. You can also also find European standard sized A4 graphics tablets.

Almost any computer user can benefit from a graphics tablet, as there is no easier or more natural way to operate a computer. You can often find a cheap graphics tablet online at discount prices. Coupon codes will also often bring that special tablet into your price range.

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