Bamboo Paper: Wacom’s Drawing App for iPad

Wacom's Bamboo Paper digital notebook app for the iPadWe’ve previously discussed whether the iPad makes a capable artist’s tablet. Our conclusion: without pressure sensitivity, not quite.

Well, perhaps marking a first step to bridge that gap, top-of-the-heap pen tablet maker Wacom is now throwing in on Apple’s device. Their new app, called Bamboo Paper (after their Bamboo line of USB input devices) is a digital notebook featuring an excellent ink engine, fluid and responsive.

But with a very limited palette of nibs and colors, this finger-pen app is clearly designed more for written notes and simple sketches than for detailed artwork. We might have to wait for a collaboration between Wacom and Apple on the hardware side of the device before we have an iPad well suited for digital drawing and painting.

The Bamboo Paper app is noted to be free until the end of June. Perhaps this app is positioned to encourage sales of Wacom’s quality, if not overpriced, rubber-tip iPad stylus, the Bamboo Stylus for iPad. ¬†Or perhaps it is a sign of better things to come: a true artist’s iPad.

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